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x150 Online Users
Mu Online S4 E6 x150

Opened on 5 January 2019!

Mu Online S4 E6 x150 Customs

MuOnline with 65 New Sets and Good PVP Balance!

Mu Online S4 E6 x150 Security

We have the best AntiDos / AntiCheat Systems!

Server will be opened on 4 April 2020!

Special features:
* Premium offline pumping, trading, multiparty!
* Monster, Skill stats balance!
* Master Skill Tree
* Cool in-game smithy
* A unique offline sell, buy system.
* Exclusive anti-disconnect system
* Extended Offline Ataсk System /attack /offattack
* Running and configured game quests.
* Unique Jewels: Ancient, Luck etc ...
* Pick System /pick bless,soul,chaos,feather etc...