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x50 Online Users 11
Mu Online S4 E6 x50

Will be opened on 15 April 2020!

Mu Online S4 E6 x50 Customs

MuOnline with 65 New Sets and Good PVP Balance!

Mu Online S4 E6 x50 Security

We have the best AntiDos / AntiCheat Systems!

MuOnline Season 4 Ep 6!
Exp: x50
Master Exp: x5
Drop: 30%
Grand Reset from: 100 Reset+
Max stats: 65000
Configuration: Medium
Available 56 New Sets + New Wings with effects!
Many New Events on the Server including PVP Events!
Best AntiDos!
Best Anticheat!
PVP, PVM Good Balance!
OFFLine attack, store, items pick!
OFFLine auto reconnect!
New Quest System with rewards!

After Registration 7 days of VIP!

Every Player can get the credits by voting the server, playing game events like: Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Blood Castle, Illusion Castle Selling Jewells, Grand Reset etc...

JOIN US on 19 April 2020 at 17:00 Server Time!