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Mu Online S4 E6 x50

Will be opened on 15 April 2020!

Mu Online S4 E6 x50 Customs

MuOnline with 65 New Sets and Good PVP Balance!

Mu Online S4 E6 x50 Security

We have the best AntiDos / AntiCheat Systems!

TOP Rankings
CountryClassCharacterLevelMaster Level
1Blade MasterKileR400200
2High ElfGostELF400200
3Grand MasterGhostSM400200
4Lord EmperorQQQ123400200
5High ElfTanTzoR400200
6Grand Masteruserlist400200
7Grand MasterXaK1400200
8Lord EmperorEmanuela204200
9Blade MasterTimber160200
10Grand MasterSeryoga34200
11Dimension MasterDriamLord396146
12High Elfqwera310144
13Lord Emperormasd387131
14Grand MasterCaraCaelo366125
15Blade MasterRaspberry400117
16Blade MasterAdrian40095
17Blade MasterDemonZloY37872
18Grand Master11212142
19Lord EmperorPerfect40038
20Blade MasterEpoXeed19231
21Grand MasterAlkumista40027
22Lord EmperorPiquedram40026
23Lord Emperor3a3aPa40021
24Blade MasterPodshipnik4008
25Lord EmperorKing3778
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