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Mu Online S6 Ep15 x50

Will be opened on 14 of February 2021!

Mu Online S6 Ep15 x50 Customs

MuOnline with 65 New Sets and Good PVP Balance!

Mu Online S6 Ep15 x50 Security

We have the best AntiDos / AntiCheat Systems!

TOP Rankings
CountryClassCharacterLevelResetsGrand Resets
1Grand MasterxREDx400240
2Blade MasterTurbo400230
3Dark LordTopGear343230
4Rage FighterGliuK371210
5Dimension MasterDEXTER400190
6Muse ElfLIUBABA1140
7Magic GladiatorSAN4ES36590
8Muse ElfCy4ka40080
9Dark LordDarkLord36280
10Blade MastergeniusDK34670
11Blade KnightSoloma16070
12Soul MasterMARIK37750
13Soul MasterEdward38840
14Muse ElfMysticElf19940
15Rage FighterBanneD40030
16Rage Fighterjuja36330
17Muse ElfWeeD36030
18Dark LordJericho34530
19Dark WizardAlenka40020
20Dark LordAddB00T40020
21Muse ElfaiDa38120
22Soul MasterMaza37520
23Bloody SummonerCYMKA36220
24Muse ElfGeniusELF34620
25Rage FighterHulk32920
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